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Welcome to our Information and Resources Centre

The Prosperity Information Centre aims to provide clients and jobseekers with a range of useful information and guidelines that relates to the digital and media employment sectors.

The centre features our latest digital salary surveys and a range of information pages that aim to inform clients and jobseekers of latest trends and best practice.

The centre also features our Why I Love Mondays Interviews in which industry experts tell us of their career paths, their current jobs and how an average working day looks for someone in their position.

Salary Survey 2019

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As the wider economy nears full employment, Prosperity believes that the Digital Economy is already there, and has been for at least 12 months, creating increasing competition for candidates. This has put pressure on salaries and while salaries have generally increased by about 5% over the last year, some skills are seeing increases to the extent that there are often bidding wars for candidates, such as Data, UX and Programmatic Specialists.

In the Marketing Sector, Prosperity has seen considerable digital upskilling in the market, and there is now quite a sizeable segment of mid-market marketing candidates – i.e. at executive and manager level – with a strong understanding of digital technologies and channels.

The difficulty, however, is with more specialist roles; many of our clients have requirements for, say, a Head of SEO or a Head of PPC, and it is at these levels where we are seeing a shortfall in the Irish talent pool, and we are often compelled to recruit these specialists from The UK, Continental Europe, or from as far afield as The United States and Australia.

Gary talks to Padraig Burns, MD of Publicis about the Sneem Digital Hub

Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor

Havas Media Ireland ( was formerly GT Media which was Ireland’s largest independent media agency. We are part of the Havas group which is one the largest communications groups in the world.

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Digital economy outlook: Ireland in 2020

Growing quickly and continuously since 2012, the digital economy in Ireland is expected to expand to about 7.9% of GDP next year.

How to write a job description that appeals to candidates

With Ireland’s unemployment rate consistently decreasing, the economy is nearing full employment and competition for talent intensifies.

Landing your dream design job: What to put on your CV

With Ireland nearing full employment, experienced designers of all types are in high-demand.

The Most in Demand Skills for Performance Marketing Specialists

12% of marketing decision makers are experiencing a shortage in performance marketing skills according to this year’s Marketing Sentiment Survey

Advice for UX UI Jobseekers

Many of the applicants in the UX UI jobs sector need to give a little more consideration to the user experience of the hiring manager : )

How Performance Marketing Could Outperform Its Own Success

When it comes to understanding how people buy products and services on the Web, few tools are able to hold a candle to the effectiveness of performance marketing.

Digital Economy Report 2019

The Irish Digital and Tech Economy has mostly been centred on Dublin. Multinationals have gravitated towards Dublin and the start-up sector has had its highest concentration in the capital. A Dublin location has been a given not just for companies, but also for digital and tech jobseekers.

The Prosperity Ethos

Thank God it’s Monday . . . Bet you never thought you’d hear anyone say that. Well, listen up. At Prosperity, we believe it speaks a truth: the people who are happiest going to work are those who look forward to Mondays. They’re more content, so they work better and stay longer in a job.

Hiring a UX Designer

While there are headwinds, there does remain considerable hiring activity in the Irish Digital and Tech Sectors. The recessionary pressures of former years have eased, if not evaporated, and companies here are generally underpinned by sound financials and projections, or indeed, International profiles. To that effect, many Irish based Digital and Technology companies are in expansion, so sourcing talent is often their primary challenge, and if that challenge cannot be addressed, many of these companies can suffer an impediment to growth, and even viability. That challenge is being met with strong salaries, benefits, sponsorship, relocation packages, and in many cases, the opportunity for candidates to align their career with strong brands or highly innovative Digital services and products. And while Prosperity has been recruiting extensively from EU...

Interview Preparation

So, you got the interview . . . Now to convert that interview to another interview and ultimately a job offer : ) Preparation is key. We hear it so many times from clients – the interviewee didn’t bother to prepare. By that: they hadn’t completely familiarised themselves with the job description or they hadn’t adequately researched the company (it is surprising the number of candidates who go for interviews barely knowing the first thing about the company they are interviewing at).

LinkedIn Tips

If you are a jobseeker, it is important to maximise the potential of your LinkedIn Profile. We have put together the following guidelines on how we feel you can stand out and be appreciated . . .