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Welcome to our Information and Resources Centre

The Prosperity Information Centre aims to provide clients and job seekers with a range of useful information and guidelines that relate to the digital and media employment sectors.

The centre features our latest digital salary surveys and a range of information pages that aim to inform clients and jobseekers of the latest trends and best practice.

The centre also features our Why I Love Mondays Interviews in which industry experts tell us of their career paths, their current jobs and how an average working day looks for someone in their position.

Salary Survey 2021

Download a PDF copy

Prosperity Recruitment's 2021 employment and salary survey for Ireland’s digital sector. 

The report highlights Covid-19’s impact on digital salaries and the diverging expectations of employees and employers.

Key findings:

  • Interviews with CEOs and hiring managers in the digital sector suggest that many companies don’t intend to increase salaries this year.
  • However, 69% of digital employees are expecting a pay rise in 2021.
  • For digital employees, career progression and salary are more important than being allowed to work from home post-pandemic.
  • In December, 22% of digital employees said their salaries were lower than before the pandemic.
  • Prosperity Recruitment is seeing increased demand for talent who specialize in working with specific platforms, such as Shopify, WordPress, Amazon ads, and Facebook ads.
  • Just 19% of employees in Ireland’s digital sector said they would take a pay cut to continue working from home.
  • But one third of the 100 digital employees we interviewed would take a pay cut to work less hours.
  • The highest paid roles in digital are Director of Marketing, Head of eCommerce, Head of Search and Chief Technology Officer.
  • Web developers, SEO executives and PPC specialists have the fastest growing salaries.
  • Readers can download our full 2021 salary survey here. Reporters will find a PDF copy here.

Gary talks to Padraig Burns, MD of Publicis about the Sneem Digital Hub

Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor

Havas Media Ireland ( was formerly GT Media which was Ireland’s largest independent media agency. We are part of the Havas group which is one the largest communications groups in the world.

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The most in-demand digital jobs of 2021

Last year, hospitality and entertainment were hit hard, while other industries like healthcare and eCommerce took on more staff than ever before. This shift in the job market has left many in search of new opportunities - and digital jobs are driving recruitment.

How to increase employee engagement while working from home

Over the past year, CEOs around the world have become increasingly concerned about employee engagement and turnover. Now, after the Covid-19 pandemic, CEOs now feel this is the number one threat to long-term growth.

Who can work in Northern Ireland?

Brexit has brought many challenges to businesses on both sides of the Irish border. The rules surrounding trade, recruitment and travel have changed and will continue to do so over the coming months.

10 Tips For Remote Employee Onboarding

The first day of a new job can be overwhelming - especially for those who are working from home. But a carefully planned remote onboarding can help them make friends and get productive in their new role.

Best ways to welcome new employees onboard

Your first day in a new job is always exciting, but it can also be overwhelming - especially now that so many of us are working from home.

Remote-first: What it means and why you need to know about it

Right now, lots of us are working remotely whenever possible. But, looking to the future, you may be wondering whether to return to the office or continue to work from home. But there’s a third option. A remote-first approach offers the best of both worlds and may be worth considering as more and more staff begin to return to the workplace.

How sales roles have evolved in 2020

Like with anything that affects the economy, Covid-19 has strongly impacted the sales market. But it has also changed the very nature of working in sales - and this is likely to continue long after lockdown ends.

Best tips to prioritise employee engagement and retention

In January, and then again in July and August, KPMG surveyed hundreds of CEOs in Ireland and abroad. And the results show rapidly changing priorities as a result of the pandemic.

How to maintain company culture while working from home

Company culture is all about getting employees to believe in your goals, values and vision. If you do this successfully, it boosts motivation, productivity and employee satisfaction. But nurturing this kind of group identity in a remote environment can be difficult.

Why is lifelong learning in career development important?

Lifelong learning is an essential tool for career development, particularly in fast-changing digital industries. The likes of marketers and developers need to stay up-to-date with the latest technology, SEO trends and social media platforms. This keeps their skills sharp and opens up new opportunities too.

Remote leadership: How to manage your team while Working From Home

A lot of us have been working from home for a while now. Some companies, like Twitter and Slack, have even decided to make it a permanent arrangement. Whether you’ll return to the office or not, it’s time to look at your remote leadership skills.

10 time management tips for working from home

Sometimes working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be - especially in present circumstances. From noisy housemates to piles of dirty washing, distractions are everywhere. Like lots of other Irish workers, you may be putting in significantly longer hours too.

How to use LinkedIn for job hunting

If you’re job hunting right now, some of your usual strategies might be off the table. You can’t network at events or attend career fairs. You can’t always meet personal contacts for a coffee either. But there’s still LinkedIn. Over 2 million people in Ireland have a LinkedIn account.

8 work from home interview questions for hiring managers

Although it’s an awkward time to assess and hire new candidates, employers need to adapt to the new normal. This means conducting video interviews and hiring staff who will work from home - at least for now.

Best simple steps for a career change

Besides sleeping, work is where we spend most of our time. That’s why our recruiters believe everyone should look forward to Mondays - even if that requires a career change.

Should your staff work from home permanently? The pros and cons

Many employers recently discovered that their company functions just fine with a remote workforce. Was an office even necessary to begin with? With the likes of Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, Twitter and Amazon allowing their staff to work from home permanently post-Covid, you may be wondering if it will work for you.

How to succeed in a video interview

For employers, whether they’re hiring remote workers or preparing for a return to the office, virtual interviews are a recruitment trend that’s here to stay - particularly in the early stages of the hiring process.

5 new recruitment trends for 2020

Although uncertainty still plagues the economy, we are starting to see signs of recovery in the jobs market. Unfortunately, many employees have suffered job losses during the Covid-19 pandemic. But here at Prosperity, we’ve recently noticed some positive recruitment trends too.

A recruiter messaged you on LinkedIn - What next?

Demand for skills in the digital and tech sectors is currently very healthy. People with experience in these areas are still very much sought after and largely in control of their careers - even if they need to work from home.

How to build a diverse workplace

Back in 2015, 76% of Irish employers said they wouldn’t hire someone with a visible tattoo. Image clearly still plays a strong role in hiring decisions. But now that 35% of the Irish population is tattooed, this approach could severely restrict the talent available to businesses. But there are plenty of other reasons to look beyond image - including the creation of a more diverse workplace.

How digital companies are promoting employee wellbeing during Covid-19

In recent years, there’s been a trend toward workplace wellness programmes because the evidence shows that they improve employee health - while also reducing long-term costs for employers. But during the Covid-19 crisis, the wellbeing of many employees has been strained. Factors such as illness, childcare issues and economic uncertainty have put pressure on many.

Should you return to the office or work from home post-lockdown?

As lockdown eases, many employers need to make decisions around future working arrangements. Should employees return to the office? Or would a permanent work from home policy be better.

How to find a job after college graduation

Whether you studied marketing or programming, jumpstarting your career after college can be daunting. It can be difficult to figure out exactly what you want to do. And it’s unclear how the jobs market will look post-Covid 19. However, as digital recruiters, we can tell you there are still plenty of opportunities out there. Here’s our advice on how to find a job after college graduation.

Post-Covid 19 jobs: 6 roles which will appear across companies

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are increasingly on the lookout for candidates with expertise in digital transformation, eCommerce and supply chain management.

Key eCommerce team roles needed to take your business online

Moving online to keep up with consumer spending habits is wise, but the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed this trend forward. For businesses moving online quickly, here are some industry insights and the key eCommerce team roles needed for success online.

3 best tips to achieving your career goals

Work takes up a huge part of our lives, so finding a job that brings you happiness and fulfillment is important. Given the current climate, many people are reluctant to change roles right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t reflect on your career goals and assess the path you’re on.

How to improve team motivation during uncertain times

During a crisis, employers may tend to let their focus on staff drop as they deal with other urgent matters. However, focusing on employee well-being, team motivation and driving a positive atmosphere within your business is more important now than ever.

How to stay optimistic in uncertain times

It can be hard to stay optimistic while job hunting at any time. Companies can be slow to respond to applications - or they might not respond at all. Right now, during the Covid-19 crisis, sending out CVs may seem like a lost cause.

The best guide to hiring and managing remote workers

Pre-pandemic, our consultants had for some time been experiencing pressure from candidates for an element of home working in their next job, and many business owners had remained reluctant to provide this as they had perceived working from home to be a luxury or a perk for staff. There was a bias that a day a week working from home was pretty much a day off. Well, working from home is of course now a necessity.

Why should job-seekers use a recruitment agency?

With online listings making it easier to apply for jobs than ever before, why use a recruitment agency?

Top Tech companies looking to hire in 2020

The current coronavirus pandemic has seen many businesses move to a remote working policy, while others have had to shut their doors altogether. However, there are still some companies looking to hire this year. In fact, just this month, announcements have come from a number of tech companies hiring in Dublin. If you’ve lost your job during this uncertain time, take a look at the tech companies hiring in Dublin this year.

Introducing a remote working policy to your office

As the nation takes steps to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, many businesses have moved to a remote working policy to protect the health of their workers. Introducing a work from home policy provides many challenges. But whether it’s a temporary measure or a long-term approach, following these five steps will empower you to set up a productive system quickly.

The benefits of having a dog in the office

A 2016 study found that one in two Irish households own a dog. Arriving home to your four-legged friend’s frenzied and affectionate welcomes is a great way to end the work day. However, having a dog in the office provides far more benefits than leaving them at home - for employees and employers alike.

How to write a cover letter that stands out

A cover letter is often the first thing a recruiter reads. So think of it as an introduction and a first impression. Your cover letter provides an opportunity to craft a narrative and communicate your personality in a way that just isn’t possible in your CV or portfolio. So it needs to be adjusted to suit the job you’re applying for.

How to create a powerful digital marketing portfolio

A great CV and cover letter can impress potential employers. But if you really want to stand out, a strong digital marketing portfolio will add weight to your application.

Best CV templates to have

Here at Prosperity Recruitment, hundreds of CVs come across our desks each and every week. Candidates often ask us what we look for in a CV, so we decided to put together a free CV template download to act as a guide for them. You’ll find a link at the bottom of the page.

5 interview tips to land your dream job

At Prosperity Recruitment, we help candidates prepare for job interviews every day of the week. Whether you’re going for your dream design job or vying for a senior marketing role, these interview tips will serve you well.

The best web developer meetups in Dublin

Throughout their careers, developers will constantly learn new skills, build their portfolios and try new platforms. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to do this is to attend web developer meetups.

How to achieve a better work-life balance

Achieving the perfect work-life balance is a tricky task for many professionals. It’s easy for work to take over as you chase success. But this can be detrimental to our personal lives, health and performance.

Best Digital marketing courses in Dublin to improve your CV

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner, we’ll look at some of the digital marketing courses in Dublin which can help you take the next step in your career.

5 best tips to increase employee retention

Employees often seek out new opportunities in January. Christmas provides the chance to reflect on job satisfaction and many decide to find new roles. But employers can combat this trend with some simple actions. Here’s our advice on how to increase employee retention.

Workplace wellness: A fad or a recruitment tool?

Workplace wellness may seem like a modern buzzword, but it has been around for decades. In the 1900s, when few employers took an interest in the health of their staff, companies like Guinness became well-known for their benefits.

Digital marketing trends: 4 ways Brexit will impact the digital marketing sector

For over three years now, Brexit has been coming down the road bringing uncertainty with it. Ireland’s domestic economy is performing well, but volatility in the international market means business owners are on edge and investing cautiously. With the next Brexit deadline scheduled for the end of January, here are some digital marketing trends we believe will come about post-Brexit.

Digital marketing events for your 2020 calendar

Conferences, talks and workshops are necessary for marketing professionals to keep up with the industry’s ever-changing trends, platforms and algorithms. These marketing events also provide networking opportunities which can boost sales, brand visibility and recruitment.

How to attract the best tech talent to your company

At Prosperity, we’ve noticed that businesses continue to struggle to attract candidates for tech roles, and as the economy nears full-employment, this challenge is becoming ever more difficult.

How to grow your sales team effectively

When sales are soaring, businesses should scale their sales teams to sustain this growth.

Digital economy outlook: Ireland in 2020

Growing quickly and continuously since 2012, the digital economy in Ireland is expected to expand to about 7.9% of GDP next year.

How to write a job description that appeals to candidates

With Ireland’s unemployment rate consistently decreasing, the economy is nearing full employment and competition for talent intensifies.

How to get your dream design job

With Ireland nearing full employment, experienced designers of all types are in high-demand.

The Most in Demand Skills for Performance Marketing Specialists

12% of marketing decision makers are experiencing a shortage in performance marketing skills according to this year’s Marketing Sentiment Survey

Advice for UX UI Jobseekers

Many of the applicants in the UX UI jobs sector need to give a little more consideration to the user experience of the hiring manager : )

How Performance Marketing Could Outperform Its Own Success

When it comes to understanding how people buy products and services on the Web, few tools are able to hold a candle to the effectiveness of performance marketing.

Digital Economy Report 2019

The Irish Digital and Tech Economy has mostly been centred on Dublin. Multinationals have gravitated towards Dublin and the start-up sector has had its highest concentration in the capital. A Dublin location has been a given not just for companies, but also for digital and tech jobseekers.

The Prosperity Ethos

Thank God it’s Monday . . . Bet you never thought you’d hear anyone say that. Well, listen up. At Prosperity, we believe it speaks a truth: the people who are happiest going to work are those who look forward to Mondays. They’re more content, so they work better and stay longer in a job.

Hiring a UX Designer

While there are headwinds, there does remain considerable hiring activity in the Irish Digital and Tech Sectors. The recessionary pressures of former years have eased, if not evaporated, and companies here are generally underpinned by sound financials and projections, or indeed, International profiles. To that effect, many Irish based Digital and Technology companies are in expansion, so sourcing talent is often their primary challenge, and if that challenge cannot be addressed, many of these companies can suffer an impediment to growth, and even viability. That challenge is being met with strong salaries, benefits, sponsorship, relocation packages, and in many cases, the opportunity for candidates to align their career with strong brands or highly innovative Digital services and products. And while Prosperity has been recruiting extensively from EU...

Top best Interview Preparation tips

So, you got the interview . . . Now to convert that interview to another interview and ultimately a job offer : ) Preparation is key. We hear it so many times from clients – the interviewee didn’t bother to prepare. By that: they hadn’t completely familiarised themselves with the job description or they hadn’t adequately researched the company (it is surprising the number of candidates who go for interviews barely knowing the first thing about the company they are interviewing at).

Best LinkedIn Tips of 2021

If you are a job seeker, it is important to maximise the potential of your LinkedIn Profile. We have put together the following guidelines on how we feel you can stand out and be appreciated . . .