The Prosperity Recruitment 2024 employment and salary survey for Ireland’s digital sector

We expect that 2024 will see some Interesting and hopeful developments. Inflation has seemingly been reined in by central banks without invoking a recession, and the hoped for a “soft landing” is the consensus for 2024, therefore we anticipate a busier hiring market than we saw in 2023, with more companies Increasing headcount from the second quarter of the year onwards.

Gary Mullan, Managing Director, Prosperity Recruitment

Key Findings:

  • Salaries for 140+ roles across Digital, up from 128 in last year’s edition.
  • Salaries see stagnation across all categories with only Performance Marketing roles seeing a modest increase of 5% compared to the previous year.
  • Agency salaries are also trending flat with the exception of PR and Paid Media roles where in some cases there have been increases of up to 6%. 
  • Animation salaries have been added as the category has claimed a sizable space in the digital ecosystem in the last few years.
  • The highest paid roles continue to be those of CTO (up to €180,000), Director of Marketing (up to €150,000), followed by Head of eCommerce, Head of Search/SEO, and Creative Directors (all up to €120,000).
  • RTO has temporarily won the battle against the WFH movement favored by workers across the board.
  • GenZ takes center stage, will represent 25% of the workforce by 2025.
  • Market conditions should improve as the year progresses with hiring making a strong comeback.
  • State of the AI special survey with 400+ interviewed.
  • 73% think AI will not replace their jobs.
  • 57% use ChatGPT or other AI tools regularly in their work.
  • 52% think AI will create new jobs but at the same time eliminate others.
  • AI is poised to change all industries although it will take time to find the best use cases for each. 
  • Prosperity opens Outsourcing operations with its first Center of Excellence in Barcelona to serve Irish and European companies in need for digital talent.