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Best cv templates

Free CV template for professionals

Here at Prosperity Recruitment, hundreds of CVs come across our desks each and every week. Candidates often ask us what we look for in a CV, so we decided to put together a free CV template download to act as a guide for them. You’ll find a link at the bottom of the page.

What we look for in a CV

What we look for in a CV will vary from role to role. However, no matter what industry or niche we’re hiring for, two things always prove helpful.

  • CVs adjusted to suit the role candidates are applying for
  • A good CV format

Both of these things help us quickly identify candidates who are suitable for an opening.

A good CV format is simple, clear and easy to scan through. Headings and bold text should be used to create a hierarchy on the page. This draws our eye and allows us to navigate a CV quickly and easily.

Candidates who tweak their CV to suit a role also win big brownie points. As recruiters, this tells us straight off the bat that their skills are relevant and that they could be an ideal fit. It also demonstrates how much they want a role and their willingness to go the extra mile to get it.

Our tips for good CV format

A professional CV isn’t so different from the first ones you would have put together while still in school. The tricky part as you gain more experience is keeping them succinct. The longer you’ve been building your career, the more information you have to fill the page.

But resist the temptation to share all the details. Instead, keep your CV to two or three pages and save the extra information for the interview.

Our advice is to introduce yourself with a bang at the top of your CV and then provide more detail further down the page. Our free CV template download will guide you along the way.