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Web Developer Recruitment Agency

Prosperity Recruitment has been working with clients for 20 years to source the very best developers, and we have developed extensive networks and databases of Software Developers, with a particular emphasis on the following candidate types:

  • Front-end Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Full-stack Developer
  • Mobile Developer

We understand that good Web Developers are increasingly hard to find, so when we do find them, we work with our clients to ensure a seamless and satisfactory interview process, one that significantly enhances the likelihood of our clients securing the employment of the very best deveolopers in the market.

We fully get it that Technical Recruitment is often a double sale: a candidate will "buy" the challenge as much as the client will "buy" the candidate's skills.

So, as the technical challenge contributes greatly to the attractiveness of the job, we work with clients on presenting the challenge in its best light and in ensuring that we are able to effectively relate it to our technical canidates.

We also work closely with our clients in assessing the Development skills of potential employees

Some Areas we will Work with You on to Assess the Candidates are . . . 

  • Code review on part of your code
  • Mini project on your stack
  • Algorithmic Exercise with Code-Review
  • Extreme programming with the candidate

We will also Check the Candidate’s Motivation / Potential Commitment

Once the technical background has been validated, we assess motivation and commitment. In addition to meeting the coding requirements, a Developer should be led to explain their choices, give their opinions, exchange with the your team. 

This offers a good opportunity to ascertain the vision and values of the candidate – key signifiers to a long term successful hire.

We also suggest to our clients that they involve their team in the recruitment process, and we often suggest that the client's team should explain to a potential employee what they like in their work and exactly why they like to work in your company!

The Duration of the Process

As developers are very much in demand right now, a good developer can usually find a job in less than 2 weeks. 

We work with our clients to have  a faster process than this.  

With more Junior Candidates, we Map the Process as Follows:

1. Receiving application

2. Call (pitch and technical exchange)

3. Homework test (less than 2 hours)

4. Face-to-face interview: homework code review

5. Meeting with founder(s)

6. Team meeting or onsite day testing

7. Offer

With more Senior Candidates, we Map the Process as Follows:

1. Receiving application

2. Call (pitch and technical exchange)

3. Meeting with founder(s) (pitch and technical exchange)

4. Team meeting or onsite day testing

5. Offer

We suggest to our clients that they should initiate the process with a quick first call rather than wasting time with an unnecessary interview, and rather than delay matters by holding out for the face to face meeting and risk losing the candidate, we often recommend that the first interview should be via Skype/Hangouts/Zoom if necessary.

We also suggest exchanges by mail to avoid misunderstandings at the beginning of a process.

If you would like us to assist you with your hiring requirements, or if you are looking for advice on salaries or candidate availability, please get in touch via the form. We would be happy to assist : )

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