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Marketing Recruitment Agency in Dublin

Prosperity Recruitment has been recruiting in the marketing space for 20 years. We have developed extensive resources of marketing candidates, including a GDPR compliant database of 55,000 candidates, a fully subscribed mailing list of 25,000 candidates, and considerable networks and social media followings. 

We extensively recruit for the following roles –

  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Performance Marketing Specialists:

    - SEO Specialists
    - PPC Specialists
    - Display Advertising Specialists

  • Marketing Automation Specialists
  • Email Marketing Specialists
  • Content Marketing Specialists
  • CRM Managers
  • Search Marketing Specialists
  • Social Media Managers

All our consultants are educated in marketing and have a strong interest in its ongoing evolution. 

When we are working on our clients’ marketing roles, we assess potential candidates on their familiarity with the client’s market and products/services and competitive landscape. We ask our candidates to review our client’s current marketing profile / strategy, and we review potential candidates in terms of how they have used similar marketing channels and the results that they have achieved. 

If we are working on a strategic or a senior assignment, we ask our candidates exactly what they might do better across both online and offline channels, and we ask them to justify their use of each.

In terms of Performance Marketing, we review the channels that candidates have used, and how they have performed. We also ensure that our candidates clearly know their numbers. We discuss their key performance indicators and we ascertain exactly how they have performed in relation to them. 

We review the numbers for their CPCs and CPAs etc. And we closely review their conversions.

We make sure to get a clear picture on potential candidates’ previous target markets and customer personas, and we perceive their market awareness and the depth of their knowledge in relation to the competitive landscape. We also screen them on what types of A/B testing they have done and the results they have achieved. We will also review them on the tools they have used, and as it is all about data, on their use of reporting and analytics.

The Process

Once we are satisfied with the suitability of between 1 - 3 candidates, we submit them to our client for review within a timeframe of 9 to 12 business days of the role being opened to us.

While we have a successful placement rate that far exceeds the industry average, if we are unsuccessful on the assignment, the client will not incur any fee. Furthermore, if we are successful, we provide a guarantee period in the eventuality that the candidate leaves for any reason.

If you currently have hiring requirements for a marketing specialist or would simply like information on candidate profiles or salary levels, please get in touch via the form. 


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