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UX & UI Recruitment Agency in Dublin

Prosperity Recruitment have been the forerunners in Design Recruitment for 20 years, and we have built up extensive databases and networks of UX and UI specialists.

Our Design Recruitment Consultants take a keen interest in design and have completed design related courses.

We understand that there is a lot of competition for the best UI or UX professionals. 

When discussing a UX / UI design hiring assignment with a client, we suggest that one of the most important considerations is to clearly understand and define their company’s needs, and based on this we review potential candidates who have demonstrated a clear step-by-step process in implementing UX/UI solutions that have realised the business goals of their previous employers.

The key points we relate to our clients:

Its’ not just about the skills and experience you want in a designer; you need to get a clear understanding of your own business and its needs.

We explain to our clients that they must be able to clearly relate business goals to any potential designer, and mutually devise a clear vision on how to execute goals; achieve this synergy, and your design hire will be a key driver of your commercial vision.

We advise our clients to clearly understand and assess the motivations of each candidate they interview. Technical ability and experience are of course hugely important, but a hiring manager needs to understand a designer’s vision, drive and personality and decide if they will be complementary to the team and to client pitches and ongoing liaison. The reason we place emphasis on this is that hiring managers will often tick the boxes of ability and experience and will hire a candidate who will not be a cultural or creative fit to the organisation. 

Some Criteria We Assess UX & UI Designers by: 

We ask potential candidates how they might work with our client’s team. Where would they fit in and what is it that would make them a vital part of the team?

As a UX or UI specialist will often work in a collaborative environment, we ask them how their fellow team members might describe them. The answers to this question can be very telling!

We advise our clients to present candidates with a task – a UI Designer will have a portfolio and should be able to demonstrate a considerable body of work, but it is a little bit trickier with a UX Specialist. A good workaround on this is to present them with a wireframe and ask them to improve on it. A good candidate will of course take a user perspective on the task – who the users are and why they are using it.  

We typically review UX candidates on the process they utilise to help them understand end users. We discuss previous projects in terms of complexity, budget, actions and results. We ask them how they might provide UX and UI principles to our client’s specific needs.


When we receive an assignment to recruit a UX or UI specialist, we aim to have a shortlist of between one and three rigorously screened and relevant candidates within a timeframe of nine to twelve business days of the role being opened to us.

Clients can be assured that while we have a high placement rate, if we are unsuccessful in the hiring assignment, the client will not be liable for any fee. 

Furthermore, if we are successful in placing a role, but if for any reason the candidate does not work out in their first two months of employment, we provide a replacement at no extra cost to the client.

If you currently have requirements for a UX or a UI Specialist, or you would simply like to discuss candidate profiles or salary levels, please get in contact with us via the form. 


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