As the wider economy nears full employment, Prosperity believes that the Digital Economy is already there, and has been for at least 12 months, creating increasing competition for candidates. This has put pressure on salaries and while salaries have generally increased by about 5% over the last year, some skills are seeing increases to the extent that there are often bidding wars for candidates, such as Data, UX and Programmatic Specialists.

In the Marketing Sector, Prosperity has seen considerable digital upskilling in the market, and there is now quite a sizeable segment of mid-market marketing candidates – i.e. at executive and manager level – with a strong understanding of digital technologies and channels.

The difficulty, however, is with more specialist roles; many of our clients have requirements for, say, a Head of SEO or a Head of PPC, and it is at these levels where we are seeing a shortfall in the Irish talent pool, and we are often compelled to recruit these specialists from The UK, Continental Europe, or from as far afield as The United States and Australia.

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