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Why I love Mondays interviews

Why I Love Mondays

Colin Hetherington is the Founder and Managing Director of Zoo Digital

The Company: I’m the Managing Director of ZOO. I set ZOO up 10 years ago with Chris Preston (Creative Director) and Martin Byrne (Technical Director).

ZOO can best be described as a digital business experience agency. Simply put, we create digital experiences between a company and their customers to help them sell more.

Why I Love Mondays

David Douglas is the Founder and Managing Director of ebow, the digital agency, and ebow, the art gallery

The Company: I founded in ebow in 1999 while studying Computer Science in Trinity College. I wanted to build a creative marketing agency with a strong technical foundation and understanding. I wanted to create a brand with a generic name that I could use to pursue other creative interests like ebow, the art gallery. I have never been very good at naming so I was listening to E-bow the Letter by R.E.M on New Adventures in HiFi (their best album). I don’t really like the name but it works and the descriptive extension allows us room to play.

Why I Love Mondays

Catherine Madden is the Co-Founder and Director of UXDX and has been since July 2016

The Company: UXDX brings together Product, Design and Development professionals (think of the teams that build Google Maps or Spotify or even your banking app) through events, community and training. The events discuss a new model on improving team processes, building a more successful product and speeding up delivery For more info: