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Why use a recruitment agency to find a job?

With online listings making it easier to apply for jobs than ever before, why use a recruitment agency?

Around for hundreds of years, recruitment agencies work with both talent-hungry employers and job-hunting professionals to make matches which please everyone.

The benefits of using a recruitment agency to find a job

For candidates, there are many benefits of using a recruitment agency to find a job. From thoughtful guidance through to helpful insights, let’s take you through them.

1. Access to a large network of employers

At any one time, a recruitment agency has a long list of employers who are actively looking to fill vacant roles. By submitting one CV, you can extend your reach and be considered for lots of suitable positions.

2. Save time and stress

Sometimes applying for jobs online can get messy. Job descriptions are often unclear and vague. Then, there’s the long response times.

When dealing with recruitment specialists, you’ll get clear descriptions, quick feedback and a stress-free process.

3. You’ll find agencies specialising in your industry

Here at Prosperity Recruitment, we focus on digital marketing, advertising and tech. This means we can tell you all about the trends, salaries and in-demand skills within these fields. You should always seek out a recruitment agency specialising in your industry.

4. Access to exclusive jobs

Some jobs are only advertised through recruitment agencies, including those at sought-after companies and exciting startups. At Prosperity, we have lots of clients who don’t bother posting jobs elsewhere.

5. Happier Mondays!

One of the biggest benefits of using a recruitment agency to find a job is that you’re more likely to find one you love. Recruiters will ask you about both your skills and your dream role. Then, they’ll do their best to find an ideal match.

6. Help with your CV

Recruiters want to place candidates, so they’ll always do their best to help you look good. Once they’ve found you an exciting opportunity, they’ll give you proactive tips on how to craft a professional CV and cover letter to suit the role.

7. Interview guidance

An experienced recruiter will mentor you throughout the hiring process. At Prosperity, we often help candidates prepare for interviews by sending interview tips, practice questions and details of what the employer will be looking out for. This can be a great confidence-booster.

8. Our inside knowledge

In some cases, a recruiter will have worked with an employer for years, so they are well-positioned to tell you all about the company, its culture and its future plans.

This is great if you’re chasing a role, but it also helps job seekers figure out which companies are a good fit. Often candidates ask recruiters questions that they would never dream of asking a potential employer.

9. Fair salaries

Recruitment agencies stay up-to-date on current markets and salary data, so they advise both candidates and clients on current salary expectations and talent shortages for particular roles.

10. It’s free!

For job hunters, working with an agency will cost nothing. So extend your CV’s reach and take advantage of all the benefits of using a recruitment agency to find a job.

Who can benefit most?

Anyone can benefit from connecting with a recruitment agency. But it’s particularly useful to those with specialist skills or managerial experience, because these are often the roles companies will approach agencies with.

Final thoughts

With over 20 years experience, well-established agencies like Prosperity offer a huge wealth of knowledge to job seekers.

Why use a recruitment agency to find a job? Find out for yourself by contacting our team of recruiters today.