We are looking for a Program Manager of Digital Partnerships who will act as an ambassador for the client's newly created Digital Center of Excellence, bringing together the digital strategy and innovation teams. In this position, you will form important digital alliances and discover prospective collaborations with external players such as incubators, start-ups, and educational institutions. You will create a digital partner ecosystem and become a key member of the new department. 

Our client is a distinctive and well-established spirits brand which prides itself on continuous innovation, entrepreneurial fervor, and a deep passion for the industry. They are a leader within their field, rapidly growing on a global scale. To facilitate their international expansion, they are building a digital center of excellence to formulate and deliver best-in- practice digital strategies, operations, and ideation, fueling the global growth ambitions of its brands.  

If you want to have access to exceptional professional opportunities within a team of top-notch individuals and see your efforts have a real impact on the future of the sector, this could be a perfect opportunity for you.  

What is in it for you? 

Competitive salary | Excellent benefit package | Growth opportunities | Amazing company culture 


In this role, you will work on the establishment of digital partnership programs with educational institutions, incubators, other companies and start-ups that share common values. More specifically, you will develop: 

  • Digital partner program for universities: Identifying institutions with appropriate bachelor, master's or PHD programs that can devote resources and students to focus on specific business difficulties relevant to our organization for final thesis or research projects. 
  • Digital incubator program: Developing a rotational program to take advantage of the infrastructure built and provided by incubators in order to collaborate with promising start-up companies on specific business challenges and innovations that cannot be addressed internally. 
  • Digital partner program: Discovering possible new partnership models with other companies followed by establishing strong, scalable solutions to better collaborate with other likeminded organizations. Ultimately, you will work on producing increased sales of the products and develop business strategies benefiting both parties involved. 
  • Digital start-up program: Defining and executing a continuous collaboration program with start-up companies that would offer solutions to the client´s specific digital needs and innovation challenges. 


  • Solid, global network in the digital space across various industries. 
  • Familiarity with the startup environment, including knowledge of important incubators, investors, and business concepts. 
  • Awareness of the university environment and knowledge of how to effectively establish partnerships with educational institutions. 
  • The ability to turn conceptual visions into reality through implementation of multiple specific digital partner programs. 
  • Highly eloquent and capable of representing the Digital Center of Excellence at the highest level with external partners. 
  • Strong motivation for establishing digital partner initiatives that will benefit the company's goals. 
  • Extensive experience in developing mutually beneficial digital collaborations among non-competing organizations and operating programs to maximize the value of these relationships. 
  • You understand the best ways to manage projects with high efficiency in mind and you practice what you preach when it comes to agile methods. Experienced in personalized content, with a solid understanding of its importance. 
  • Comfort in being both a role model and a team-player. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to grow and see your work´s impact on the industry. If you have strong interpersonal skills, are hungry for success and realize the value of collaboration, we encourage you to apply through Prosperity today.  

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