The Prosperity Irish Digital Salary Survey 2020.

Salary Survey Foreword

As the economy nears full-employment, businesses will find it increasingly difficult to source skilled candidates to fill their roles. This is particularly true within the digital sector.

At Prosperity Recruitment, we would argue that the digital economy has already reached full employment. Wage growth in this sector is higher than the average and we are also witnessing more skill shortages in areas like performance marketing, search marketing, data analysis and cyber security.

Our 2020 salary survey aims to give businesses an idea of the salaries they should offer to attract talented candidates. It also informs job seekers of how much they can expect to earn.

We base our annual surveys on analysis of currently available salary data, as well as our own data, industry knowledge and recruitment expertise. This year’s salary survey revealed some new trends in digital recruitment.

Salaries continued to increase across the board over the past year. This is in line with national trends, but the figures suggest growth is even more prominent in the digital industry.

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